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Dining Options

Great Places to Eat & Drink in Iowa City

Like a fine wine, great food and drink take time to make, and we're still fine-tuning our restaurant and bar offerings. One thing's for certain, though, they will be places that feed your head as well as your belly during your stay in Iowa City.

Shares  $25

Charcuterie Board

assorted meats | cheeses | spreads | pickled things

Fondue Pot

melted chocolate | assorted fruit | other interesting dippers 

Street Tacos  $12

Korean Beef

flank steak | ginger slaw |  yum yum drizzle

Indian Buttered Chicken

shredded chicken | tomato cream curry sauce |  fresh veggie garnish | mint chutney drizzle

Banh Mi Spicy Pork

pulled pork | pickled veggies | sriracha honey 

Black Bean 

secret sauce black beans | pico de gallo | balsamic glaze

Costa Rican Mahi

lizano mahi mahi | sweet corn salsa | dill sour cream 

Stonefire Flats $12

Peace, Love, Rock n' Roll

our latest creation on naan flatbread


bbq sauce | red onion | pulled pork | mozzarella


olive oil | tomato | fresh basil | mozzarella 


marinara | pepperoni / mushrooms | mozzarella 

Sweets $10

Milk Shakes

milk | ice cream | vanilla / chocolate / shake of the day

Cheese Cake Mousse

whipped custard | berries | pirouette cookie

Bowls $14 

Linguini Rosa

rao’s marinara | cream | wild mushrooms

Japanese Noodles

sweet soy sauce | carrots | mushrooms | sweet corn relish

Straight Up Sauce

rao’s marinara | parmesan cheese


black beans | brown rice | pico de gallo | avocado


Upgrade your Bowl

Add chicken to your linguini rosa for $6

Add flat iron steak to your Japanese pan for $8

Make the straight up sauce into angry sauce with crushed red pepper--Complimentary

Add cilantro mint, sriracha honey, dill sour cream or yum yum sauce to your buddha bowl--Complimentary

Snack Shack

Drop by our trippy pool bar for food and drinks!

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Highlander bar

The Highlander Lounge

Party Like It's 1974 in our Highlander Lounge

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