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Browse Many Fun Things to Do in Iowa City

Yeah, we're in Iowa. Get over it. This flyover state just gave you a reason to land the plane, and it’s called The Highlander Hotel. Not just the coolest hotel in all of Iowa but The. Coolest. Hotel. In. The. World. We connect you with the heart and soul of Iowa City in all its artistic, nonconformist history, glory and vitality. Whether you want to hit all the high notes at popular attractions like the Iowa Art Festival, the Iowa City Jazz Festival, the Friday Night Concert Series and the Englert Theater or take the long and winding road to find the hidden gems, we’ve got your ticket to ride in style.

Antique Car Museum

Whether you're an full-blown auto buff or don't know the difference between stick and standard, you'll love this showroom featuring regional transportation exhibits & vintage cars from the 1890s through the 1970s.

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Hancher Auditorium

Get your dose of high culture at this University of Iowa performance hall hosting Broadway musicals, contemporary dance & classical music.

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Kinnick Stadium

Catch the Iowa Hawkeyes football team in action!

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Terry Trueblood Recreational Center

If you can do it outdoors, you can do it here. Take your pick of walk-run routes, bird watching areas, picnic shelters and hiking trails, along with kayaking and ice skating opportunities. 

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Lake Macbride State Park

Lake Macbride State Park is a great place for a family picnic or get-together filled with boating, swimming, fishing and more. 

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Devonian Fossil Gorge

Ever want to walk on a 375 million year old ocean floor? This is the place for you. After the flood of 1993 this gorge was revealed with plenty of fossils for you to check out. 

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Record Collector

A staff favorite - this place isn't so much a retro shop as it is a record store that never closed down or changed its business model since the 80's.

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