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Peace, Love and Environmentalism

We aren’t just going green; we’re starting off that way

a large spacious ballroom

We can’t be the hotel with the most flower power if we don’t do our part to be eco-friendly. The hippies at The Highlander Hotel are working hard to make sure your staycation has a low carbon footprint.

What a (way to reduce) waste!

  • Instead of itsy-bitsy travel shampoo, conditioner, and body wash The Highlander Hotel has bulk containers for these items in every room (and we made them look way cooler than what you’d find at other hotels).
  • You can drink and dine eco-conscious at The Highlander Lounge and Snack Shack. Neither of them will have plastic straws, paper cups or Styrofoam containers of any kind.
  • We don’t believe in plastic water bottles or cans for your C-O-L-A cola. Each guest will receive an insulated bottle for hot or cold drinks to use while you’re staying with us and you can take it home for a charge or return it when you check out.
  • Although we’re old fashioned, we’d agree that print is dead. We have paperless check-in and check-out; you’ll receive your communication breakdown and receipt electronically.
  • Get clean in our authentically retro tubs. During the renovation process we refinished all the bath tubs instead of buying new ones and sending ours to the landfill.
  • We love all things refurbished, so we’re recycling everything that we possibly can.
  • We’re making it easy-peasy for guests to go green as well. There are recycling bins in public areas as well as each guest room.
  • What trash we do have can and will be put to good use. The Highlander Hotel has a compost site on the property!

Crazy about conserving

  • We have our very own LED Light Orchestra! Every bulb in the building (even the ones inside the pool) is an energy-efficient LED bulb.
  • Don’t flip out! Each member of our staff has received eco-consciousness training so that they remember to flip switches, close drapes, unplug electronics, and shut off the A/C when they aren’t in use.
  • Our cooking and cooling equipment isn’t just shiny and new, they’re also Energy Star appliances.
  • Don’t cook your own food, let us do it for you. Our on-site kitchen and bar keep you from needing energy wasting appliances like microwaves and mini-fridges. We can also recommend locally owned restaurants!
  • Our contactless check-in isn’t the only thing that’s efficient, we also have high efficiency washers and dryers for our linens and towels.
  • The low flow shower fixtures in every guest room help you get clean without feeling dirty about how much water you’re using.
  • Help us use even less water! We encourage guests to use bath towels for multiple days and we only do linen changes mid-stay upon request.

Eco- and Iowa- friendly

  • Go green to keep it clean with our bamboo toilet paper. We also have bamboo for our tissues and paper towels!
  • Want to ride your bicycle and ride it where you like? We have free bike rentals available for all guests.
  • None of the furniture at The Highlander Hotel is veneer wood, so each piece is long-lasting and can be easily refinished in the future for continued use.
  • Come on baby, light a fire in our courtyard fire pits! We only burn wood in them instead of using gas to keep things carbon-neutral.
  • We don’t want anything to harsh our mellow, so we use non-toxic pest control.
  • We keep it authentic with our organic soap, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Dine with good vibes. All of our food is sustainably sourced and fair-trade.
  • The Bohemian Hotel supports the free spirits of Iowa City. Our gift shop will feature items by local artisans and Iowa only merch.