Snack Shack

chairs and tables in front of a wall mural

The iconic Supper Club has returned with a fresh new look! Whether you want to play the classics, try something new, or just want to roll the ski ball, we're ready for you. Not feeling up for a digital bout up against Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde? Grab a drink at our awesome in-set bar, where we still have the original limestone from the building's debut! 

All the excitement get you hungry? Put in an order for a pizza or milkshake and we'll get you sorted. 

Shares  $25

  • Charcuterie Board

    assorted meats | cheeses | spreads | pickled things

    Fondue Pot

    melted chocolate | assorted fruit | other interesting dippers 

         Hippie Dips (or $5 per dip)

         tortilla chips | pico de gallo | corn salsa | black beans & more!

  • Street Tacos  $12

    Korean Beef

    flank steak | ginger slaw |  yum yum drizzle

    Spicy Banh Mi

    pulled pork | pickled veggies | sriracha honey 

    Cancun Chicken

    grilled chicken | secret sauce black beans | pico de gallo | balsamic glaze

    Baja Fish

    battered cod | sweet corn salsa | dill cream sauce 

    Stonefire Flats

    Peace, Love, Rock n' Roll $14 Small / $28 Large

    sour cream dill sauce | chicken | sweet corn salsa | sriacha honey drizzle

    KC BBQ $14 Small / $28 Large

    bbq sauce | red onion | pulled pork | mozzarella

    Margherita $14 Small / $26 Large

    olive oil | tomato | fresh basil | mozzarella 

    Classic $13 Small / $24 Large

    marinara | pepperoni / mushrooms | mozzarella 

    Sweets $10

    Milk Shakes

    milk | ice cream | vanilla / chocolate / shake of the day

    Cheese Cake Mousse

    whipped custard | berries | pirouette cookie

         Chocolate Lover

         chocolate cake | milk chocolate mousse | dark chocolate ganache

  • Bowls $14 

    Linguini Rosa

    rao’s marinara | cream | wild mushrooms

    Japanese Noodles

    sweet soy sauce | carrots | mushrooms | sweet corn relish

    Coconut Curry

    green and red bell pepper | carrots | mushrooms | curry sauce | rice


    black beans | brown rice | pico de gallo | avocado


    Upgrade your Bowl

    Add chicken to your linguini rosa for $6

    Add flat iron steak to your Japanese pan for $6

    Add battered cod to your buddha bowl for $6

    Add cilantro mint, sriracha honey, dill sour cream or yum yum sauce to your buddha bowl--Complimentary

    Add Shredded chicken to your your curry bowl for $6

2525 Highlander Place 52245 Iowa City United States